Neon sign Gold Coast

Neon Signs for Your Gold Coast Business

The first neon sign was invented in 1910, by engineer and inventor George Claude. The first neon sign was introduced into America in 1923. The neon signs came into our lives after the invention of traditional electric bulbs and lighting. Before modern neon lights, the first gen of neon lights was only available in red. Later as the years go on lights became more prominent. There are now more than 150 vibrant colors that can be used in neon custom signs.

Neon signs do receive a lot of attention for business marketing on the Gold Coast. Massive electric signage will always be created with neon lights. The brightly coloured signage give companies a boost to promote their products 24/7.

Neon business signs are here to stay and to get noticed. Custom neon signs are also being incorporated with aluminium signs. Hotels, motels, restaurants, pubs, theatres – all like to expose their business with mixed neon aluminium signs. If exposure is needed after dark, neon signs will always be the best option for your business.

Gold Coast businesses like to use custom neon signs for their promotions. Companies like Coke, Caltex, 711 and McDonalds, display their logo or name of the company in big bright neon letters.

Neon lights have been installed inside of diners and bars. City nightlife is surrounded by neon signs and huge message boards making the evening colorful and glistening. If your Gold Coast business has a great spot location, they can bring lots of new customers with a well-designed neon sign. These marketable products are sometimes necessary to survive to do business on a busy street.

Ask us about the rules and regulations, before ordering a new neon sign – also talk to your landlord because they may have some suggestions or objections. Neon signs and electric messages will attract pedestrians, potential customers, buyers and passers-by towards your shop. The best indoor signs are made of genuine neon lights. Neon signs have a very powerful advantage of inviting customers over a hundred yards away to the shop. They will always be less expensive and can last almost forever.