Gold Coast Seafood Restaurant Sign

Great Signages Are Invaluable To Businesses

I was invited to attend a celebration recently in a rather secluded sea food restaurant located somewhere on the Gold Coast. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of looking for the restaurant not so much because of its good location but because of the availability of various shop front signs and signage that make it easy for me to look for the place.

The availability of ample car space upon arrival also help to ease my anxiety whether it was safe to drive my 5 months new car there in the first place. As I entered the Gold Coast restaurant I witnessed more visible on site interior signs, posters, etc of all size/shape all strategically placed to ensure customers feel at ease, know how to get to the rest room, where to get additional forks/spoons, price list and different dishes to choose from.

On top of physical interior signs, there are also pictures of the owner taken with VIPs, satisfied celebrities, officials and also trophies/food certificates that further reinforce the quality of food and safety there. What I like most is the restaurant even provide details of each of the fish available so we know the history and makeup of the fish we are going to consume.

Signage is used by companies in their daily business operations as a form of direct marketing. If used effectively, signage will advertise the company name, provide information about goods or services, and increase sales.

Here are pointers that I have gathered from my visit to this Gold Coast restaurant:

Signage should provide more than visibility

Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience. This is typically manifested in the form of way finding information in places such as streets or inside / outside of buildings. The most basic function of a sign is to provide direction and identity of the business. Another factor that is important is to place the sign in strategic location that can be easily view even when someone is driving.

Signage should be creatively made and placed

Your signage must have instant impact anywhere, anytime and able to convey your message simply and effectively. Most of us enjoy a good and clear signage / poster that can help spread the word about that product or service.

Whether it is about cars, electronics or even condoms – good signage can make your day better and it can also be a source of inspiration for you. I am always on the look out for such signage that not just provide information but also add more colour to the surrounding.

Certainly what this restaurant has provided me with one of the most creative, smart and clever messages that I have found in recent time. They have used some simple but great techniques and ideas in all of these signage / posters and I think they are brilliant!

Signage need not be hi-tech

Signage helps companies provide specific information about the company, such as hours of operation or upcoming sales. It can also help build relationships with customers, by highlighting special information such as community involvement.

Looking at the simplicity and clever use of different signage, posters and notice boards, this restaurant has proven that one need not be hi-tech in order to be high-touch. At least this restaurant has proven that traditional business model is not entirely broken by the digital revolution.

What is important is to provide the right information at the right place that meet the needs of your customers. All the bells and whistles will do no good if they are used excessively and becoming a nuisance to your customers. The basic ingredients of under promising and over delivering is still the best motto.

That is why, the importance of signage cannot be ignored, and a lot of time and money is invested in obtaining the perfect signage for the organization. Having the right mix of signage and great customer service clearly help your customers to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

In conclusion, your signage must delivers the message clearly, confirm your credibility, connects your customers, motivates them to be your repeat customers. This Gold Coast restaurant certainly understand the needs and wants of its customers and prospects. I don’t know about others but I am sure this will not be my last visit there.


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