About Us

Welcome to King Signs, established in 1982 and creating signs of every description. Known for creativity & going the extra mile. In the 80’s, lined the Gold Coast Highway with large shaped light boxes & neon, from palm trees, hula girl, dragon, elephant and many more large internally-illuminated shaped artwork. The days when it wasn’t computerised, done by old fashioned skills & by hand. It was an all in-house team of sign writers, metal fabricators, neon benders, etc – combining trades to create unique signs. Back then we did the main advertising sign for the new “Oasis Shopping Centre” – yet to be built when it was just a hole in the ground. Once it was built, we were contracted to do most of the shops and restaurants inside, including the well-known Mario’s Restaurant.

The 90’s approached with new technology, giving us vinyl cutting machines that could cut graphics at the push of a button. Self adhesive vinyl had taken over the traditional skill of sign writing with paint. Then along came large format printers, photo realistic signs where we can print unlimited graphics for the many applications in the sign industry. We found ourselves enjoying what could be achieved with this new technology creating signs, wall murals, etc from photos & graphics … blending whatever you like to achieve “full colour creativity” large or small.

Neon is still a large portion of our business and can offer customers the option with LED’s to light up 3D fabricated letters, light boxes, etc. We have a “Full Electrical Licence” and are able to take care of the job from start to finish.

King Signs are proud to be the company chosen to work on the new Gold Coast Light Rail which gave us 3 years in a variety of works, building and relocating many pylon signs including the making and relocation of the well known “Pink Poodle” sign.

To plant the main sign at the front of a complex or shopping centre is rewarding to us. The “Coomera Grand” pylon sign … a huge sign with a 6 meter deep foundation. This led us to manufacture the “ALDI Supermarket” signs inside the complex. “Macato on Ferry” pylon sign and many of their shops. “Boonooroo Convenience Centre” pylon sign and their shops. “42 Ferry Rd” pylon sign. – one of our recent personal favourites and many more which can be seen on our website and on our Facebook page.

A lot of people think we only do the big signs. We are every day manufacturing standard, run of the mill type signs … Shop fronts, Banners, A-Frames, Vehicles, 3D & Laser cut letters, etc. We have always offered all services related to the sign industry.

The success of King Signs being established for over 35 years is because of being able to offer all these services with quality signs & service. The signs we put out there are working for the customer and us every day, as new customers admire our work, they contact us over our competitors. Being creative and always wanting to do better has also been an asset, especially now with the technology and materials available to the sign industry.